Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wrightstown dad says he feared son would kill him and grandmother

Posted: Monday, February 2, 2015
After saying he wanted to die and stabbing himself in the chest, a 24-year-old Wrightstown man with a history of drug use bludgeoned his father with a padlock concealed in a sock, then attacked his 95-year-old grandmother when she intervened, according to court documents.
Jared Rose would have killed him and his grandmother if police hadn’t arrived to subdue him, 57-year-old Marc Rose told police. Subduing the younger Rose required eight police officers and a stun gun, Newtown Township police said.
Jared Rose was arraigned at bedside Sunday at St. Mary Medical Center in Middletown. He’s being treated for injuries that authorities said he received in the Thursday attack, including a partially amputated finger and a self-inflicted puncture wound to the chest.
He’s charged with two counts of attempted murder, four counts of aggravated assault and related charges in the attack on his dad and grandmother, Lorraine Patterson. He was denied bail and will be incarcerated after he is medically cleared, Newtown Township Detective Cpl. Jason Harris said.
Marc Rose and Patterson remain hospitalized at St. Mary with multiple injuries, including head trauma. Marc Rose also was stabbed in the face with a broken golf club. Patterson remains in the intensive care unit with injuries including a brain bleed, police said.
Newtown Township police, who cover Wrightstown, responded to the home in the 50 block of Lark Lane after receiving a disconnected 911 call. They said they found Jared Rose on top of his father, repeatedly striking him in the head.
After subduing Jared Rose, police saw Patterson walking toward them from the garage area, according to the probable cause affidavit. They said she was bleeding profusely from the head and face, missing teeth and appeared to have a fractured jaw, which the hospital later confirmed. Patterson told police her “grandson Jared” had attacked her, according to the probable cause affidavit.
During the investigation, police said they found blood, blood trails and bloody footprints inside and outside the house.
The attack began, Marc Rose told police, as he was working in his home office. He said his son walked into the room and stabbed himself with a Swiss Army knife while saying he wanted to die, the affidavit said. Marc Rose said he called 911 on his cellphone and blurted “Lark Lane” before Jared smashed the phone and attacked him.
“He (Marc Rose) doesn’t remember how many times he was hit, but clearly stated he knows Jared was going to kill him,” the affidavit said.
When police interviewed Marc Rose in the hospital, he said his son has had “several bouts” with drugs and he had noticed behavioral changes in the past week.
When Patterson tried to intervene, her grandson started hitting her with the weighted sock, police said. Marc Rose said he carried her to the front porch to get her away from his son, police said. But Jared Rose followed and continued the attack outside where he was stabbed with the broken golf club, Marc Rose told authorities.
“At this point, (Marc Rose) remembered thinking, I hope help is coming because my son is going to kill me,” the affidavit said.


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